CASC CRISPER Discovery & Validation Tool


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Welcome to CASC, an all-in-one CRISPR detection and validation tool designed for CRISPR discovery in metagenomic or genomic reads or contigs. CASC, short for "CASC Ain't Simply CRT", is a tool which utilizes a modified version of the CRISPR Recognition Tool (CRT) to call putative CRISPR spacers. CASC then validates these spacers by searching against a database of Cas proteins and CRISPR repeats to get rid of false-positives.

NOTE: CASC was written on Mac OS, and therefore will only work on UNIX-based operating systems (e.g. Mac OS, Linux).


For in depth docs and instructions, please see the CASC Github page.

Reference CASC

Nasko et al. Manuscript in preparation.