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VEIL Tool Summary

VIROME Webapp A web-application designed for scientific exploration of metagenome sequence data collected from viral assemblages occurring within a number of different environmental contexts.
VIROME DIY Docker-based version of the VIROME analysis pipeline that allows users to bypass the virome analysis queue and run the analysis on their own.
Library Submission This portal will allow you to submit your viral metagenome to be processed through the VIROME analysis pipeline, and enable you to investigate your data via the VIROME user interface.
Metagenomes Online Manually annotated resource of predicted proteins identified in viral and microbial shotgun metagenomes.
Iroki A tool for fast, automatic customization of phylogenetic trees. Iroki allows the user to incorporate information on a broad range of metadata for each experimental unit represented in the tree.
RUBBLE BLAST-based pipeline that allows you to perform BLASTp searches 10-20X faster.
CASC An all-in-one CRISPR detection and validation tool designed for CRISPR discovery in metagenomic or genomic reads or contigs.


The Viral Ecology and Informatics Laboratory (VEIL) at the University of Delaware is dedicated to exploring the key roles that microbes and their viruses play in shaping our world. We utilize an array of techniques to achieve our scientific aims including genomic and metagenomic approaches leveraging high throughput sequencing data. While these techniques have revolutionized the way our research is done, effectively analyzing the data presents its own challenges. highlights several of the bioinformatics tools we have developed to aid in analysis, visualization, and interpretation of microbial and viral ecology data.

Meet the team


VEIL PI’s: Shawn W. Polson, Jeff Fuhrmann, K. Eric Wommack
Lab Manager: Barbra Ferrell
Lead Developer: Jaysheel Bhavsar
Development Team: Ryan Moore (Ph.D. Student), Daniel Nasko (Ph.D. Candidate), Zach Schreiber (M.S. Student)
Idea and Testing Team (i.e. Lab Ratz): Suhair Aljanabi (M.S. student), Mara Baker (B.S. student), Gonçalo Piedade (Visiting M.S. Student), Amelia Harrison (M.S. Student), Brittany Hart (B.S. student), Tessa Jarvis (B.S. student), Prasanna Joglekar (Ph.D. Student), Lingyi Wu (Ph.D. Student), Amanda Zahorik (M.S. Student)