VIROME Do It Yourself Analysis Pipeline

BETA Version!

VIROME-DIY is currently in beta testing. The software is being actively improved and debugged. It is possible that users running this software may encounter problems. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or issues.



Clone the virome-DIY github repository. This will install an easy to run script that will pull and run the latest Docker image for the VIROME-DIY pipeline. The Docker contains all the pipeline components necessary to conduct a standard VIROME analysis. Once your analysis is complete, the .tar output file should be uploaded to the VIROME Library Submission page for visualization in the VIROME web environment.


VIROME-DIY is a docker-based version of the VIROME analysis pipeline that allows users to bypass the virome analysis queue and run the analysis on their own. Recent advances in our analysis pipeline, including the development of RUBBLE (Restricted clUster BLAST-Based PipeLinE), have greatly reduced the computational requirements for our pipeline allowing the VIROME-DIY pipeline to run on a single server or powerful desktop computer. Once completed the results can be uploaded to the VIROME submission portal allowing users to explore, compare, and bin their results using our web-based visualization environment.

Upload Results

To upload tarred output file please visit the Library Submission page or click here.


For instructions on how to build and run the VIROME DIY docker, please visit the main Github page.

Reference VIROME

Wommack, K. E., J. Bhavsar, S. W. Polson, J. Chen, M. Dumas, S. Srinivasiah, M. Furman, S. Jamindar, and D. J. Nasko. 2012. VIROME: a standard operating procedure for analysis of viral metagenome sequences. Standards in Genomic Sciences 6:427-439 [PMC3558967]